The Pine Project was founded in Dec 2017. The trustees of the Pine Project live across Dundee and Fife and have been brought together through a common interest in helping others.

We were awarded charity status as a registered SCIO in October 2018.

Why The Pine Project?

We took our name from the Celtic Ailm – meaning Scot’s Pine.  In tree lore the conifers of Ailm are associated with healing and a person’s life work and divine purpose.

Ailm asks you to connect your past and your future to your present. To look at what’s behind you and what’s ahead of you in order to really understand why and how you are where you are today.  To leave the past behind, let go of fear and move forward with certainty and clarity.

We felt these principles were particularly appropriate when coping with addiction and felt the pine tree would make a strong symbol for our charity.